"i like spn but i like danneel more"
i'm moofy
supernatural is ok
season 9 positive
i don't know who i stan for


dean and benny living in adjacent apartments tho.

the walls are really thin and every night, benny drifts off to sleep to the sweet sounds of dean moaning and grunting on the other side of the wall.

he imagines what his gorgeous neighbor must look like, with his hand curled in a tight fist around his cock, how he would stroke it up and down, how he would tease himself, maybe slip something into his hole so he could feel full when he came. 

he jerks his own cock along with dean. he’s quiet, of course, biting down on his bottom lip when he comes with a stifled groan. 

but one night he kinda slips up and he moans loudly, him and dean coming at the same time. 

they see each other the next day in the elevator and dean blushes. 

so does benny. 

eventually they start laughing in the elevator and by the time they get down to the first floor, they’ve exchanged numbers, agreeing to hang out sometime. 

they both separate, feeling awkward as fuck, but happy as hell. 

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deanbenny nsfw
jensen is so good at taking direction *u*

all i could think about nell *u* 

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mostly10 shh I'm talking to my friends yEAH jensen u do exactly what i tell u to do what good boy *u* cries a lot

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It sounds like it was a great photo op! I was wondering why how you guys got him to make that face in the picture and to find out that’s just jensen being himself is fantastic.

jensen da tru diva

literally tho like i didn’t tell him to do anything other than hold them, and he’s even like is it ok if i put them on my shoulder LIKE FUCK YOU OF COURSE IT’S OK I JUST WANT TO GET THIS OUT OF THE WAY

jensen is the dumbest dumb

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this is really cute omg. Sounds like you really made Jensen happy and oh gosh that’s so cute. Moofy you do this to people. <3


but ahhhh it was so amazing aaah best photo op tbh

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sorry, i’m a bit confused. like someone took his posts and put them on a forum calling him out pretty much?

no he was posting on like my school’s forum page or something trying to start a men’s rights club and it’s like buddy let me tell you a thing

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what’s the deal with the banana’s

well emily and i had bought this photo op and didn’t have any idea, so we’re kind of drunk in an h&m and see these banana print clothing and are like yes

so Emily and I are standing in line for our photo op and once we get up to Jensen he smirks a little and is like what is going on? I, not evening pausing for a second am like “Jensen you can make any face you want but please hold these banana’s.” Jensen still just as confused (amused?) stops us for a second and asks “So wait do you like banana’s?” and Emily is like “A little bit.” After this moment Jensen is like actually crying in laughter, like he is bent over hitting his head with laughter, Chris (the photographer) at this point walks over, “Did you just ask them if they were in cult?” Jensen being the drama queen he is, is like so offended, but still cracking up a bit “No, I asked if they liked banana’s!” 

Mind you we’re both like waiting to get this show on the road because I’m certain creation is going to yell at us for something, but so I reiterate that I just want him to hold them however, so he puts them on his fucking shoulder with that model pose. But afterwards Chris steals the banana in my hand, and Jensen still holding the banana bunch puts it behind his back and STEALS A FUCKING BANANA and gives us a little wink smirk thing, and hands it to his handler like I’m keeping this. 

Gary one of the like CEO’s of Creation Entertainment is like wow nice job ladies you go. And it’s also very clear that Jensen was in a great mood afterwards it was so nice. 

also what should be noted is we are wearing these fucking banana leggings as well so

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rippergiles holly knows me so well, jensen’s face is upsetting him trying to model it up what is wrong with him

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the limit does not exist

it’s funny bc i literally watched mean girls like 3 days ago

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i succumbed to peer pressure

i succumbed to peer pressure

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do i have another glass of wine?

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alcohol cw